The 16th International  Exhibition for Grain Industries Technology and Mills, Silos ,  Automatic Bakery Lines, Fodders , Pasta Equipment Rice Mills & Oil Factories " Grain Tech – 2016 "
International Group for Organizing Exhibitions (IGM) will run in 2016 the 16th round for The 16th  International Conference & Exhibition for Grain Industries Technology and Related products For Middle East & Africa  “Grain Tech”
Grain Tech 16 cares with the grain industries because the chain starts with the farmers whose crops of grain (wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Rice, Lentil, Barley, Sunflower, Flaxseed…etc). These grains are processed and consumed in a vast range by the collection , storage , handling , cleaning,  grading , drying, Milling , Packing and Packaging. Then we can extract products such as flour, bread, cake pasta, biscuits, oil …etc
At every link of all this chain there are prospective farmers, traders, brokers, manufacturers, designers, consultants, distributors, sellers & buyers, whose interaction creates Grain Tech Market for Middle East and Africa

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